First Impressions – A Buyers Perspective and a Sellers Prerogative

It seems fitting that you have great pictures taken of your home when you are preparing to have it listed for sale. Today we are constantly bombarded with information and pictures seem to grasp our attention much more than words. Social media has taken this and multiplied it 100 fold. With online sites such as Pinterest and Facebook, it seems that anything we view now is bland without a picture that pops and anything you post on these social media sites without a photo for that matter, tends to get lost.

Home buyers are much more tech savvy today, and much of the initial information they are looking for can now be found online. The first impression of a home sale has now moved from a first showing, to an online viewing, and if the photos a prospective buyer sees online don’t catch their eye, then you may have just lost all of that client’s attention and thus their willingness to view your home in person.

Most important of all the photos on a listing is the first one they’ll see when they stumble upon your listing. On most listings, the first photo should be the exterior of a home. If the exterior doesn’t show well because a listing agent decided not to hire a professional photographer to take excellent pictures, then most clients will not even dig further to explore your home listing and all that it has to offer.

In the Chicago area, just like the rest of the Midwest, we also have the changes in season to think about. When clients are viewing a home in the spring or summer, outdoor photos with a foot of snow aren’t going to be a major selling point. When it is spring and the flowers and trees are blooming, most clients look at the photos and wonder how long that home has been on the market. Keeping the photos up to date helps keep your home listing current.

Prospective home buyers, how important do you feel the photos are on home listings you are viewing? Think about how quickly you make a decision when browsing homes online.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions – A Buyers Perspective and a Sellers Prerogative

  1. Great Post!
    It’s true! Curb appeal is your homes first, best, impression – so it’s got to count! What’s more: Better Photos = Better Sales. It’s as simple as that. A REALTOR.COM survey showed that homes marketed with professional quality photographs sold for nearly 12% more than homes with bad or no images.

    Stay awesome; keep blogging!

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