Benefits of Trees in Glenview,IL 60025

Ok. So I’ve gotten into running more and more over the past 2 years. What’s that got to do with this blog post you ask? Well I like to run in my local neighborhood in the 60025. Earlier this week, I came across these signs posted up and down the streets in my neighborhood( I think most were on Dewes or Henley west of Harlem):


Apparently, the Boy Scouts of Glenview Troop 32 ran the numbers on the benefits of the trees in our neighborhood. Each of the signs details what each tree is and how it benefits us along with the estimated dollar value of such benefits. It provided for a very informative read. The tree lined streets of Glenview are beautiful all year round, and this may be the result of Glenview’s strict policy on cutting down and replacing trees along with its initiative to replant trees that were lost due to disease and wood destroying insects.

So props to Boy Scout Troop 32 of Glenview, find more info on them here:

Want more info about Glenview? Check out the Villages Website here:




2 thoughts on “Benefits of Trees in Glenview,IL 60025

  1. Hello, my name is Colin and this is my Eagle Project. I am a member of Troop 32 and worked with the Billage of Glenview Natural Resources department to take an inventory of over 200 trees n the downtown Glenview area. I’m so glad you like the tags and keep on running!

    • Hey Colin,
      Thanks for commenting, and thanks for taking the time on this project. It was an interesting read and though most people might not mention something about it, people do notice it and it does have an impact on them. Keep doing great things 🙂

      Paul Cionczyk

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