Glenview Residents Up in Arms over Proposed MEGA Church Construction

Any large parcel of undeveloped land that comes available will naturally garner a lot of attention in an area where land prices are very expensive. A large piece of land near the Glen here in Glenview is no different.  Code named “Parcel 24”, a 41 acre parcel of land on the NW corner of Shermer and Lake, formerly a part of the naval station and purchased by the Village of Glenview, this plot of land has been the topic of argument over the past couple of months, as the Village of Glenview has sold 12 of those acres to the Willow Creek Community Church for the development of their newest mega church addition.

The church, which would consist of a 1200 seat auditorium, a 350 seat cafeteria, and about 714 parking spaces, is approximated to have a building total of about 81,000 Square Feet. One of the main arguments around this development would be the concentrated amount of traffic in the area.

The remainder of “Parcel 24” was sold to Edward R James Partners, a Glenview based home builder, who plans to build 171 housing units on that property utilizing a mix of row homes, town homes, and single family villas.

Follow the changes with the Village of Glenview on their website, as they have been making changes to the planning commission meeting dates and times.

What are your thoughts? Comments? Concerns?  Should Glenview allow the building of a Mega Church? Do you feel the Church will benefit the area?

Some useful sources with more info:

Glenview Planning Website

Southgate Residents Opposing New Willow Creek Location

Willow Creek Church Parcel 24 at the Glen Website


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